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This story begins on the sleeping porch. A particularly favorite client, Penny P. was excited to build a home on Lake Charlevoix that would become a gathering place for the couple’s children and grandchildren.

This house, she told me, was meant to be one central place for everyone to come together. To meet that end, we worked through design schematics that ensured the flow would work well – all the typical design components from the dining room to the kitchen, lounging on the deck to collapsing in comfortable bedrooms that would leave lasting memories of being tucked in at grandma’s house.

Then she mentioned the sleeping porch, and from that moment on we weren’t building just a gathering place, but a home that would create memories for the many generations to come.

Penny’s grandmother’s home had a sleeping porch, she told me, and it lived on in her memory through her adult years. She wanted to create a place that would elicit the same feelings in her own grandchildren.

If there’s one thing I love about designing homes as an architect, it’s the ability to bring these kinds of connections to life. And it starts, often times, on the front porch. The value that these types of constructs bring to the life and lifestyle of homeowners can’t be calculated; they can only be lived and enjoyed – and remembered.

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