At Home

“I review the intimate details about how a family lives, plays, works and entertains before starting to design their home. When completed and built, the home works much like a family does, with convenient routine, thoughtful care to daily activities and beauty that is revealed through the most meaningful details.”

Elaine Keiser, Architect

Elaine Keiser Architect’s one-of- a-kind designs span all architectural references, whether it’s a sprawling Crafstman estate, a quaint Victorian, a long-coveted log cabin built off the beaten path, or a contemporary two-story that’s picture-perfect for a growing family.

When it comes to remodeling, EKA’s team will work with you to update your comfortable, familiar space. Remodeling affords homeowners at any step along life’s path the chance to refresh and reinvent. From small improvements like an updated window design or a wrap-around front porch, to expansive additions and major interior or exterior re-dos, Elaine Keiser Architect provides vision, experience and an unequaled eye for creative use of space and details.